Holley carb choke sticking

Loosen the three screws around the black choke cover, and turn the cover a tiny bit, to see which way it goes. If it is stuck open, the car will run, but it will be hard to start, and run badly until it warms up.

Turn the Black cover in the direction that causes the choke valve to start moving, there should be marks on it, usually you can set it about center, of the marks. Adjusting it while hot, might be closing it too much, when cold. You see, it should be open when the engine is hot.

Check the linkage from the throttle up to the choke, make sure it is not binding. Try opening the throttle by hand, and THEN close the choke. But you will still need to adjust it. I would guess at it being almost all the way open, when your car is hot, and it will have some spring back towards closing, so it might not be open fully.

Adjust it as I said, run the car, take off the breather and check the choke, with the engine hot. Oh and make sure you put 12 volts to the hot side of choke, and that it is only 12 volts when the switch is in RUN mode. Trending News. CDC adds new signs to list of virus symptoms. Naya Rivera's selfless last act: Saving her son's life. States extend unemployment while Congress debates. Inside Lisa Marie Presley's close bond with late son, Hosting shakeup on 'Dancing With the Stars'.

Photo of Ted Cruz on a plane with no mask goes viral. All eyes are on Disney World following its reopening. Trump turns focus to Obama after coronavirus question. Justin Hartman. Answer Save. As I said, it should be fully open or almost Keep adjusting it until it is.

But when the car is cold, check it again, make sure it closes when you open the throttle. This Site Might Help You. RE: why is the electric choke on my brand new holley carb stuck open? How can i fix it? Mary Lv 4. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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holley carb choke sticking

View More Slideshows. Images via Holley The carburetor is a wondrous but sometimes-mysterious device mounted on top of an engine that makes it run. The way it works is by drawing fuel and air into the engine by way of a vacuum that is created while the engine is running.

Regulating the airflow into the carburetor are throttle blades that are connected to the throttle pedal. Some engines can make do with two small blades two barrelbut on a performance engine, a lot more air and fuel needs to be fed into the engine. These engines typically have four throttle blades four barrel. When it comes to the secondary system of a Holley four-barrel carburetor, the opening of the secondaries can be done by either a vacuum signal, or by way of mechanical operation.

The linkage controlling the secondary throttle plates is designed to begin opening the secondaries once the primary throttle plates have opened roughly 40 degrees. It is common practice to use mechanical-secondary carburetors on racecars along with many high performance applications. They are able to react quicker than a traditional vacuum-secondary carburetor.

That being said, it is possible to use a properly tuned vacuum secondary carburetor on a street driven car, and make it perform equally well. A vacuum-secondary carburetor is well suited for use on mid to heavyweight street-driven cars that are backed by an automatic transmission. A vacuum secondary carburetor tends to be more forgiving than a double pumper, since they do operate by sensing engine load. This is because the secondaries open in relation to the vacuum signal developed by the engine.

When a predetermined amount of vacuum is sensed, the vacuum diaphragm pushes against a spring. The rate at which the vacuum secondaries open can be manipulated by changing the springs in the secondary diaphragm.

If the secondaries open too early the spring is too lightyou will experience a hesitation, because there will not be an adequate vacuum signal to pull enough fuel into the venturi; especially since a vacuum secondary carburetor has no secondary accelerator pump to cover this transition. When they are opened too late the spring is too heavyyou might not run into any drivability issues, but performance will be hampered, and the engine will feel a little sluggish.

Speaking of sluggish: The ignition-timing curve should be optimized prior to tuning the secondary opening. If the timing curve is not optimized, your engine will feel lazy, no matter what adjustments you make to the carburetor. Our mechanical secondary carburetors all utilize a pump shot to prevent bogging when the secondaries are opened. Opening the secondaries early causes the situation described above. The secondaries must not open until the engine requires the additional air.

Holley Carb problems

This allows torque to increase along the peak torque curve. Performance is compromised less by holding the secondaries closed a little too long than by opening them a little boo soon. This kit contains several different secondary diaphragm springs. Basically, the larger diameter the wire, the stiffer the spring and the later the secondaries will open.

The configuration of the air cleaner along with its restriction plays a critical role in spring selection. If the secondaries open, that usually means they are opening too soon.One, the ease of tuning their carbs. And two, the type of secondaries they have. Why these two? Because a CFM setup is optimal in most situations. You can cross-check the usually cheaper Amazon prices with SummitRacing prices too.

Both are four barrel carbs. Edelbrock Performer Best for: Beginner-friendly right out of the box. Best for street cruisers and lighter vehicles. Better at cold starting, easy to install. Tuning: Not much needed, great for rookies. Too touchy for tuning pros.

Secondaries: Mechanical - better suited to manual transmissions and low gears. Crisp acceleration. Gas mileage: Best suited for street driving. Better for automatic transmission and simple to rebuild.

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Tuning: Easier to do in-depth tuning on and tinkering with. Accurate and responsive. Secondaries: Vacuum - better for auto transmission. Significantly smoother acceleration. Without any hesitation, I can say this is the best choice for tuning beginners. Their carbs work extremely well right out of that cool box they come in.

Unlike Holley parts, Edelbrock carbs come with mechanical secondaries. This means several things:. As far as acceleration goes, the mechanical secondaries here will give you a crisper feeling unlike the smoother transition with Holley carbs. The installation is another important factor I recommend this for casual drivers.

First, the manual is extensive and you can DIY through the process easily — something that a lot of people mentioned in their reviews. Second, all the adjustment fixtures in the Edelbrock Performer carburetor are both easy to reach and adjust. The weak point? Also, if you are a fan of tinkering around, Edelbrocks can get touchy about the tuning which can prove to be a frustrating experience. You will need an adapter to install it if you have a spreadbore style intake manifold.

First things first, the vacuum secondaries. As I mentioned before, for offroad situations and things like towing, these will help a lot with your gasoline expenses.

holley carb choke sticking

Significantly lower gas mileage compared to any of the Edelbrock carbs. As a whole, here are a few benefits Holley can boast about:.

As I mentioned before, right out of the box an Edelbrock will be better. What I mean is that you can do larger, more significant adjustment than other carbs that require you to go one small step at a time.The Jalopy Journal.

Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Hey guys, new to the forum here. Right now the problem is that it is running really rich all over the rpm range and at idle. I've adjusted the idle mixture set screws to get max vacuum and had it idling well before, but right now it is just not idling unless I keep it at rpm or higher with the gas pedal I can't even adjust the curb idle screw high enough.

It's running crazy rich and sputtering a lot and then sorta leans out over rpm. It started out of the blue one morning and have been at a loss of words and directions since trying again to adjust idle mixture and idle speed. I have a non adjustable float style holley cfm on top of a edlebrock performer rpm manifold and this is the first time fuel has been leaking out of the bottom of the carb or leaking fuel of any kind!

Summer in VT is short and I don't have much left. Many thanks in advance! Sounds like you have a piece of gunk stuck in your float needleyou have to take the bowl off and clean it out. The bowl gaskets, jet plate gaskets or accelerator pump might be leaking.

holley carb choke sticking

Get the LIST number off the air horn on the carburetor and get a rebuild kit for it. Internal leaks on the jet plate gasket might cause the rich condition. A failed power valve could also cause the idle problem. The alcohol in gas causes problems and the gaskets can fail if the gas evaporates and the gaskets dry out.

Simple Car Care: Avoiding a Sticky Choke

Engine manJul 27, This carburetor was bought new from Summit in Could it already need a full rebuild even though it didn't leak at all a week ago, and now it's leaking on all sides of the base plate?

Although it seems your base plate or a fuel bowl gasket is gone, check the fuel pressure anyway. My stock, replacement, mechanical pump was putting out 10 pounds of pressure once it got hot.Welcome to Club Cobra! The World's largest non biased Shelby Cobra related site! I want to register an account for free right now!

Main Menu Portal Forums. Nevada Classics. Advertise at CC. Holley Questions. Hi guys, I am looking for some help with a couple of issues. I've had the car about 3 months. They will stay at 3k. If you tap the throttle, RPMs will then reduce down. It's almost like there is a cruise control built in. Something is sticking somewhere? This issue was not there when I first took the car. EDIT I guess it is more likely to be a throttle cable issue and not part of the carb I have changed the plugs, but not the wires.

I was thinking it was more of a carb setting than anything else? Thank you for your help! Last edited by Mattsvtcobra; at AM. Sponsored Links.

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Register now for free! I am not sure if it is the throttle side or maybe the auto choke interfering? Attached Images. I see two things in your picture: no secondary idle mixture screw the small lower hole on the base of the secondary float bowl.

There is also one on the other side 4 all together I had to use a spacer 1 inch below carb to clear both sides linkage. How much play in throttle cable? If too much the hard cable housing will jump out of the fitting of the cable bracket, or at least catch on it when decelerating quickly.

I attach 3 photos of mine. Hope this helps.What's New? Log in. Remember Me? Results 1 to 14 of Like it says, i bought this holley street avenger used for 1 month off craigslist used for Any ideas?

EDIT: if i set the return spring any looser and while driving if i slowly let off the gas the idle sticks at 1, RPM until i jab the throttle then it goes back to RPM. Might make sure the throttle plates arent hanging on the gaskets underneath. My holley will hang sometimes when the car is running, but the linkage works fine when the car is shut off.

Installing Setting Manual Or Electric Choke On Holley Carburetor Tutorial Instructions Overview

Never have figured out why, it only does it a couple times a year. Are you running the stock heat shield? You're idle sticking at and then dropping after you jab the throttle sounds choke related. That's exactly what happens if you're choke is set a bit too tight. I don't know why the throttle plates would be sticking. That's weird. Where do they rub? Sides or front and back? You sure it's not getting stuck on the choke? If it is only 1 month old, you may consider going to Holley or even asking the guy you bought it from what the deal is with this issue before messing around with it yourself.

There must be some sort of warranty on it No heat shield either.Carburetor list with kits: here PDF. My Account My Cart. Carburetor technical support. Email a Tech. Carburetor Selector Engine:. What type of carburetor are you looking for? Gasoline Methanol E Automotive Marine. Secondaries: Learn. Choke: Learn.

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Technical Resources Carburetor Overview. Overview of a Holley mechanical secondary carburetor, Double Pumper.

holley carb choke sticking

See More. Carburetor Installation.

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Carburetor Tuning and Adjustments. Search Instruction Sheets. Float Adjustment How to properly set your float level. Carburetor Numerical Listing A quick reference replacement parts guide to all Holley carbs. Selecting a Carb A quick reference chart for picking out a carb. Carburetor Flange Guide A quick reference guide to common carburetor flange bolt patterns. Models AA FAQ's Question. To properly size a power valve, take a vacuum reading at idle and if it is above 12" for a standard transmission a 6.

For automatic transmissions take a vacuum reading in gear at idle and if the vacuum is below 12" divide that in half for proper size. Example 9" of vacuum in gear at idle will require a 4. To set idle mixture screws: 1. Get the engine up to temp. Shut the engine off.

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